5 Things To Know Before Having A Wood-Burning Fireplace Installed In Your Home

Perhaps it is the gentle flickering light provided by warm flames or the nostalgic charm of a log burning in the hearth that makes a fireplace such an attractive addition to a home. While you can get fireplaces installed in your home that operate with the help of gas or electricity, most homeowners do want the more traditional woodburning fireplace. Take a look at a few things to consider before having a wood-burning fireplace installed in your home by a professional. 

1. Fireplaces are only logical to install in certain places when they utilize wood.

If you are opting for the simpler electric or gas fireplaces, these can be installed pretty much anywhere in the home because they do not require the installation of a chimney. However, a fireplace that burns wood does need a chimney, so the installer can only implement a fireplace where it is logical to also install a chimney.

2. Wood-burning fireplaces do require the installation of some type of chimney. 

As already noted, you will need a chimney if you opt for a wood-burning fireplace. A chimney protruding from the roof or built onto the side of a home can make a difference in its aesthetic appearance, so this is something to carefully consider as you work with a contractor to choose the best location. 

3. Higher quality fireplace materials make all the difference in the longevity of the end result. 

The installation of a wood-burning fireplace can involve making a lot of choices about the types of materials used in the process. You can always get by a little cheaper by going with some of the lower-cost materials, but it is usually better to go with higher-quality materials simply because they are going to yield a better-lasting end result. 

4. Check with your insurance company before installing the fireplace in your home. 

It is always best if you check with your homeowner's insurance policy carrier to find out what their stipulations are about having a fireplace in your home before you have the work done. Some companies do have specific requirements about how a fireplace can be installed or what type of materials can be used. 

5. Your new wood-burning fireplace will require a bit of future maintenance. 

Having a wood-burning fireplace will mean that you have an implement in your home that will require some future maintenance. The fireplace itself will have to be cleaned out regularly, and the chimney does need to be swept on occasion to prevent the accumulation of soot and buildup. 

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