A Look At The Most Popular Vinyl Siding Styles, Their Pros, And Their Downfalls

Vinyl siding is perhaps one of the most popular forms of home siding for the modern home. With so many advantages, it is easy to see why that is the case. Vinyl siding is durable, easy to install, and relatively affordable. But maybe one of the biggest reasons homeowners love vinyl siding is because it can be so versatile when it comes to style and design.

You can find vinyl siding in an assortment of shades and colors, but the siding can also be manufactured to offer a long list of unique looks for the exterior of your home. Check out just a few of the most popular vinyl siding styles and the pros and cons of each. 

Board & Batten Vinyl Siding 

Board and batten siding has been a popular style choice for exterior cladding for a long time, but it has only recently been reinvented as a type of siding that is available in vinyl. Board and batten has the traditional look of wide boards paired with thin boards, but the vinyl "board and batten" is created out of solid vinyl sections that are designed to mimic that look. 


  • Much more affordable than real board and batten siding 
  • Gives a home a charming, old-fashioned appeal 
  • Goes up quickly 


  • More expensive than traditional vinyl siding 
  • Can show flaws easier than horizontal-slant siding 

Traditional Lap Vinyl Siding 

Traditional lap vinyl siding is the technical name given to the type of vinyl siding that is probably the most commonly used. This siding has the telltale horizontal slats that appear to slightly overlap one another to create a solid covering. 


  • Least expensive vinyl siding option 
  • Works well in just about any type of home 
  • Can be easier to repair 


  • Does not offer the most unique siding finish 
  • Can be prone to slippage over time if not properly installed 

Beaded Lap Vinyl Siding 

Beaded lap vinyl siding is a newer take on traditional lap vinyl siding. This vinyl has the same horizontal slats that appear to overlap in a shingled fashion, but each slat is also decked out with a beaded ridge along the base, which gives a more decorative finish.


  • Just as easily installed as other forms of vinyl siding 
  • A relatively affordable siding option 
  • Works well to attract attention to other property attributes


  • Slightly more expensive than regular lap siding 
  • Can be a bit harder to keep clean 

Talk to a Vinyl Siding Contractor for Advice 

With so many good options to pick from, you may have a hard time picking the right vinyl siding style. Reach out to a contractor in your area to discuss the viable options for your home and to get help making the best decision about the siding for your home.

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