Contact a Dredging Company to Assist With Your Bridge, Pier, or Dock Construction

Was your construction company recently chosen to build a structure on top of water? Maybe the town needs a new bridge or someone wants a pier or dock to be installed next to their property. If you haven't typically done a lot of construction in or near water in the past, this could be a difficult but exciting new challenge for your company. But with that said, there is at least one part of the project that you might want to outsource to someone else and that's the dredging. Here's what dredging is and why you might want to hire an expert to assist you before building your bridge, dock, or pier.

Dredging Removes Sediment and Stabilizes the Soil

All waterways develop sediment buildup over time. The soil on the sides of the lake or river sinks to the bottom and creates an uneven surface. If you are trying to put a bridge or something else down in that soil, you of course want it to be as level and stable as possible. Dredging will remove the sediment buildup and restore the river or lake to its original state, making building your structure much easier.

Dredging Uses Equipment You Probably Don't Already Have

Dredging uses special equipment to get the job done. The easiest description is to think of dredging equipment like it's a really big vacuum cleaner. The dredging company will send a large hose down to the bottom of the waterway and begin to suck up all of the extra sediment or other buildups it finds. Dredging equipment is not cheap, and if you've never gone through this process before, it's not likely your construction company currently has what you need. It's likely more cost-effective to hire a professional dredging company to do the job for you as opposed to buying the equipment yourself.

A Professional Will Get It Right on the First Try

When you are building a structure that goes out over the water, it is obviously very important that no mistakes are made. The last thing you want is to have a bridge or pier collapse and have your company's name in the paper as being responsible for the disaster. When you hire a professional dredging company, you can ensure you will get the exact level and amount of stabilization that you need at the bottom of the waterway.

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