Contemporary Custom Home Designs For Natural Surroundings And Rural Properties

When thinking of contemporary architecture, you may be thinking of something in an urban environment. Modern designs can also work well with the natural surroundings of rural property. If you are designing a custom home for your natural surroundings, the following contemporary designs are perfect:

Choosing a Floorplan That Blends Into the Terrain

You may want to use a contemporary floorplan that blends into the terrain. You can do this with several different modern architectural designs for the floorplan, which include:

  • Building a home below exterior soil elevations
  • Building the home around existing terrain and natural features
  • Creating space that takes advantage of finished spaces below the first floor

These are some of the different modern floorplans that you may want to consider. Designs that have more living space beneath the soil will be more efficient. For finished space below the first floor, you may want to create a recessed living or family room area. These levels can be recessed to what would be a basement in conventional floorplans.

Spaces That Blend Lines Between Natural and Living

There are also options to blend the spaces of your home and natural surroundings into one contemporary design. Options to consider for a contemporary home design that blends the lines between nature and living include:

  • Leaving old trees to be integrated into floor plans
  • Preserve the natural terrain and skip conventional excavations
  • Create courtyards and indoor garden spaces that preserve native plant life

These are some contemporary design ideas that will help blend the lines between nature and the living areas.

Natural Finishes That Contrast the Rural Surroundings

There are also the finishes that you will want to consider for the exterior of your home. Today, there are options for natural materials that work well with contemporary designs. Some of the options that you will want to consider for the finishes on your home include:

  • Natural hardwood materials
  • Unfinished metal that will patina naturally
  • Stone and masonry features that blend into natural surroundings

These are options that you will want to consider for the finishes of your contemporary home. Combine materials like hardwood siding and raw. These contrasting finishes look great with the natural surroundings of rural property.

Create Views With Rooftop Outdoor Living Spaces

The views of your natural surrounding are also important. You want to maximize the views around your home, which can be done in different ways. With a contemporary architectural design, you can use the rooftop to create an outdoor living space. Consider landscaping and finishes for the roof that will give you a secluded oasis surrounded by nature.

If you want to have a contemporary design for a custom rural home, these ideas are a great place to start. Call a custom homes builder to start designing your rural home with a more contemporary design.

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