Myths About Your Home's Exterior Coat

The exterior coating on your home will be an extremely visible part of the structure, but it can still be easy for a homeowner to underappreciate the needs of this part of the house. Common myths about exterior coats can also make it harder for homeowners.

Myth: The Exterior Coat On Your Home Is Only For Aesthetics

The exterior paint on your house will be extremely visible, but it is not a purely aesthetic feature. Exterior coatings will also provide important protections to the home. In particular, one of these coatings will be able to reduce the absorption of water by the home's exterior. For wood, this will be able to limit the risk of rot forming while masonry may be less prone to cracking. These factors make it important to keep your home protected and looking its best with an exterior coat by having it replaced whenever you notice that the current coat is peeling.

Myth: A Home's Exterior Coat Will Not Require Any Type Of Care

The exterior coat for your home will require some basic care in order to keep it in good condition. Typically, the most involved part of this maintenance will be having the exterior cleaned. Removing dust from the exterior coat can minimize the amount of moisture that is able to get trapped against the coating. Periodically cleaning the exterior of the house will remove these substances so that you will not have to worry about this type of water damage occurring. The frequency that you will need to have the house cleaned will vary depending on the amount of dust in your area. Those living in arid environments may find that they may need these cleanings yearly. Additionally, those that live along the coast may need to have the exterior cleaned to remove salt that may have started to accumulate.

Myth: Having A New Exterior Coat Applied Will Always Be Extremely Disruptive

When the time arrives for the exterior coating of your home to be replaced, a homeowner should avoid assuming that this will automatically be extremely disruptive. In reality, a professional exterior coating contractor will be able to complete the removal of the previous coat and the application of the new one in as little as a few days. As the work is being done, you will find that there are minimal impacts to life inside the home as the contractors will not need to enter the house to apply a coating to the exterior.

For more information, contact an exterior coating contractor.

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