Want To Enjoy Your Yard More? How Landscaping Design Services Can Help

Spending time outside in their home's backyard helped many families deal with the pandemic's restrictions on traveling or attending school, work, and group activities. However, this need to stay closer to home for several months often brought new attention to existing problems in these spaces.

Some of these common problems include the lack of privacy, annoying sound pollution, and erosion and drainage issues. Luckily, landscaping design services can provide solutions to these problems and help families get more enjoyment from their home's outdoor spaces. 

Addressing backyard privacy concerns

One of the first issues many families discover when beginning to use their backyard on a daily basis is an uncomfortable feeling of exposure. These feelings are most common in housing developments where the homes are clustered together on small lots. 

Since privacy fencing and walls are not always an option due to cost or HOA regulations, homeowners can utilize creative landscaping to enhance privacy in their backyards. Landscape designers can help homeowners increase privacy by using bushes and fast-growing plants like pampas grass to erect an attractive visual barrier around the perimeter of their property. 

Noises that filter into the backyard from other homes or nearby streets and sidewalks may also be reduced by the addition of lush landscaping bushes and plants. Landscape designers may also advise installing fountains or water features to provide more pleasing sounds for backyards to achieve a more peaceful space. 

Curing erosion and drainage issues

Another problem that homeowners may have discovered when spending more time in their backyards is existing erosion issues or drainage problems that could lead to erosion in time. This problem can be especially prevalent in newer subdivisions or those where the terrain is unlevel or surrounded by higher ground.

Landscape designers can help homeowners correct existing drainage and erosion issues, as well as prevent future ones in a number of ways, including: 

  • changing the grade of the soil
  • adding specific landscaping plants to help hold soil in place
  • using drains and hardscaping options to redirect or remove excess water

Homeowners with unresolved drainage and erosion issues may also be struggling with insect issues in their backyard spaces. Ticks, flies, mosquitos, and other unwanted insects are attracted to spaces where moisture collects. As the drainage issues are resolved through better landscaping design, unwanted insect activity is often dramatically reduced, making backyard spaces safer and more comfortable to use. 

Your home's backyard space can be a private oasis for your family to enjoy. If your backyard could use some improvement, contacting a reputable landscape design can help you achieve your goals. 

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