Don't Put Off Getting Your Roofing Replacement Or Your Home Could Be Water Damaged

If you've noticed water stains on your ceiling and your roof is past its expected lifespan, getting a roof replacement could be a much better idea than getting roof repairs. A roofing replacement costs more, but there is far less risk of water damage to your home when the roof is new. Here's why getting a new roof in a timely manner is important and some things about a roofing replacement you may want to know.

Why You Shouldn't Put Off Getting A New Roof

Once your old roof starts to fail, it's a good idea to get a roof replacement as soon as possible. If you don't and the roof leaks, your attic as well as the interior of your home could get wet and start to rot and get moldy. The roof of your deck could rot too, and if you have to replace it, that adds to the cost of your roofing replacement.

Besides paying for a new roof, you could potentially have to pay for new insulation, new drywall, electrical repairs, and mold removal if your house is water damaged due to a roof leak.

Why You Should Hire A Licensed Roofer

If you have a roof with a fairly low slope, you might think a DIY roof replacement is worth considering. However, you'll want to compare the cost of a DIY roof with the cost of a roof that's installed by a professional and see if you'll save very much money and if the savings are worth it. If you're putting on new asphalt shingles, the shingle manufacturer may not honor a warranty if you install the shingles yourself. Plus, you'll lose out on the roofing installer's warranty.

It's also important to know that roofs have to be installed according to local codes. Even if your codes office allows you to put on a new roof yourself, you'll still have to follow codes and have the work inspected. If you make a mistake during the installation, you'll have to fix the problem before the work will be approved, and that could turn the project into an expensive and time-consuming drain on you.

What Affects The Cost

A lot of variables go into the cost of a roofing replacement. You'll get a quote for the cost before you agree to the work. The roofer inspects the roof inside and out to determine what kind of shape it's in and what work needs to be done. If all the shingles have to be removed and part of the deck replaced, your roof replacement will cost more than if the roofer puts new shingles on top of your old ones. Plus, the roofer has to consider extra costs such as new flashing, new fascia or soffit boards, and new gutters.

The roofing materials you choose play a big role in the cost. The roofer also has to factor in the cost of renting a crane to lift the shingles to the roof and renting a dumpster to collect debris. Your codes office will require a permit, and that is often rolled into the cost of your new roof too.

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