5 Times To Speak With A Homeowner Construction Advisor

You want to start a home construction project, but the process may sound daunting. Who do you turn to for advice? Working with a homeowner advisor network to find someone knowledgeable in construction can make a major difference. Consider hiring a homeowner construction advisor if you're facing any of these 5 scenarios.

Understanding Trade-Offs

One of the most basic arguments for speaking with a construction advisor is to make sense of the potential trade-offs on a project. Suppose you're trying to make sense of the available countertop options for the bathroom and kitchen. An advisor can help you to understand the available materials, their costs, and the key pros and cons. They can then provide recommendations that match your use case and budget.

Engineering Challenges

Suppose you've selected a countertop material. However, it's a very heavy material like a large granite slab. It needs support, and that presents several engineering challenges. You may need to alter the home's structure with additional support beams or a concrete slab to provide a base.

You want to discuss these challenges with contractors, but you don't know how to do it from a strong position. A homeowner construction advisor can explain the requirements for the project so you can have informed conversations with contractors about potential solutions.

Contractor Disputes

A homeowner may believe a contractor didn't do right by them. Maybe they feel the contractor's work was substandard. However, the homeowner might not feel like they're knowledgeable enough to confront the contractor. A homeowner construction advisor can review the work and explain whether the customer is right about the situation. If they are, the customer can gather the advisor's opinions and use them to address the problem with the contractor or their bond company.

Planning and Design Questions

If you're building a house, you've probably engaged an architect or designer to produce project plans. You may be struggling to interpret the plans, though. A homeowner construction advisor can review the plans and explain how a contractor would put them into action.

This can help you with budgeting and scheduling the project. Likewise, it will improve the quality of your conversations with the designers.


Eventually, you'll have to agree to a construction contract. You want to be sure the contract protects your interests. A homeowner construction advisor can help you itemize the contract needs so you can be sure your agreement will cover everything.

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