Improving The Safety Of School Sports Activities

Schools often show a lot of pride for their school teams, whether it be football, volleyball, baseball, track, or any other sport. While boosting team spirits and encouraging a win is important for any school, safety is often the utmost concern.

No school wants to face the backlash that comes with serious injuries to their students and sports players. Fortunately, there are ways to improve safety to minimize risks.

Improve Lighting for Increased Visibility

Schools should invest in proper lighting systems to improve visibility on the field. It is said that over 3.5 million kids who are under the age of 14 are treated for sports-related injuries every year. Further, high school sports players account for approximately 2 million injuries a year.

Poor lighting can limit visibility on the field and increase the likelihood of school athletes sustaining injuries, such as concussions. The best way to ensure players can see one another is to improve the lighting system on the fields.

Contact a professional to help you. They can analyze the field and determine what needs improvement followed by proper installation of the new system.

Invest in Safety Gear

If the safety gear your students wear is old and outdated, it may be time to invest in new gear. Old, outdated gear is prone to breaking, which could increase the risk of injury. Take inventory of your athletic equipment to determine if new gear is required. Gear can include:

  • Safety pads
  • Helmets
  • Proper footwear
  • Wrist guards

Talk to the coaches to get a better idea of what safety equipment they might need to improve school athlete safety.

Provide Proper Supervision

Whether during a game or during practice, school athletes should always have supervision. Supervision from a qualified group of adults minimizes injury because supervisors, coaches, and referees can spot safety risks.

For instance, if there is a player not following the safety rules, the person supervising can call out the violation and put a stop to it before anyone gets hurt. Make sure you obtain enough people to supervise practices and games rather than leaving it up to one person. A coach or referee is not enough. You will want at least a few people watching over your students.

To learn more about improving the safety of school sports activities and your athletes, talk to a professional. A professional can assist you in setting up an appointment to review your school's lighting system to see if that is something you can do to improve the safety of school sports-related events.

For more information on a school lighting system, contact a company near you.

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