Hot Or Cold Rolling: Which Is Best For Your Custom Project?

Do you have a custom metal shape that you need for a project you are working on? Unless you are well versed in forging, you may need the help of a metal plate rolling company. A custom metal plate rolling company can get a piece of metal to bend in ways that are very difficult to achieve by hand. This is done by either hot rolling or cold rolling metal through specialized machines. If you are not familiar with these types of custom metal rolling, you will need to become well versed before you decide which type will work best for your project. Here is some information to get you started. 

Hot Rolling

Hot rolled steel is usually the first process in getting a large amount of metal cut down to a general size. The metal is heated to anywhere from 1700 to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit and then run through a series of rolls to get the bars to a general size. The metal bars are then cooled at room temperature. Railroad tracks and I-beams in construction are perfect examples of hot rolled steel. 


Hot rolled steel is usually cheaper than cool rolled because it is done in large industrial volumes. Hot rolled steel is usually more pliable and can be used in many different types of construction projects from home building to bridges and city infrastructures. 


Due to the cooling process of hot rolled steel, the finished products can warp and are not perfect in dimension. Hot rolled steel also has a scaly layer on the outside which can be removed but requires an additional process. 

Cold rolling

Cold rolling metal is when hot-rolled metal is rolled again after it has cooled. 


Cold-rolled metals are much harder than hot-rolled metals and are much more precisely shaped. If you need a circular sheet of metal or a coil that has been drawn to a specific size or shape, you will need cold-rolled metal. The finished product of cold rolling is an aesthetically pleasing metal that can be used in home decor, structural components, and even car parts.


Ordering a cold rolled product can sometimes take some time to complete, depending on the availability of the company you are working with. Other than that, the only real con of cold rolled products.

In conclusion, talk to the professionals at a metal plate rolling company near you for more information about how to achieve the size, shape, and texture of metal that you need. 

For more information on custom metal plate rolling, contact a professional near you.

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