Remodeling And Drywall Damaged? Tips To Repair It

If you are remodeling and have damaged your drywall, you can repair the drywall instead of replacing it. This will not only save you a lot of money but time as well. Keep reading to learn how to do this so you can get your remodeling project finished. 

Purchase a Drywall Patch Kit

The easiest way to repair damaged drywall is to purchase a drywall patch kit to make the repairs. These kits generally come with everything you need to make your repairs. Ask the employee there to be sure. If not, the employee should be able to tell you what else you need to purchase. This may be a joint compound, level, stud finder, measuring tape, drywall knife, utility knife, and more. 

Prepare the Drywall

Once you have everything you need it is time to prepare your drywall. Start by cleaning the hole and cutting the edges to make them straight. Frayed edges will be difficult to repair. If the hole is odd;y shaped, make it square or circular. This may mean you have to make the hole larger, but this is okay and will make the repairs go much easier for you. 

Make the Repairs

Before you get started, cut a scrap piece of wood to the right size to cover the hole. This will add support when patching the hole. This is because drywall is not stable and can easily crack if you screw the patch directly into the drywall. 

Open the kit and cut the patch to the right size to cover the hole. The patch should be a little larger than the hole. The patch kit should come with screws that you will need to use to hold the patch in place. You then put drywall tape over the screws.  Use your stud finder and level during this process. Knowing where the stud is located is important and the level can help you get an even repair. Be careful when using the patch as it can break if handled too roughly. 

When you have the patch in place you need to place mesh tape over any gaps on the edges of the hole. You can use joint compounds to fill in any voids. Let everything completely dry and then sand over the area to smooth it out and then you are ready to paint the drywall.

If you do not have experience, consider hiring a professional drywall repair service to make these repairs for you.

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