Need A Fireplace For A Small Space? Try A Custom Design.

Small spaces can give you a sense of comfort and offer a getaway atmosphere. If you are considering enhancing the space, one way is to add a fireplace. Fireplaces do not have to be large or take over the whole room. In fact, you can have a custom fireplace designed for your specific room dimensions. Here are some of the custom design ideas to consider for your small space. 

Built-In Fireplaces

One way to have the fireplace you want in your small space is to have a built-in model. The fireplace can be set in the middle of a bookcase. An option for this is to use an electric model that does not need the same accessories as a traditional wood or gas fireplace. The benefit of a built-in custom design fireplace is the slim design of it. You don't have to worry about it becoming bulky or sticking out too far into the room. Most of the built-in fireplaces have a slim design that blends into the wall unit, bookcase, or entertainment center area of the room. 

Recessed Electric Fireplace

A recessed electric fireplace gives a warm glow and can lend a special touch to a modern room. The fireplace can become the accent piece of the room without becoming too hot or taking over the entire room  The electric fireplace option also gives you a number of design options. For example, you can have a horizontal fireplace that extends outward across the wall of the room. You can also opt for a fireplace that fits into a corner area but is recessed in rather than outward. This gives the appearance of the fireplace blending with the room. 

Rounded Fireplaces

If the room is very small, one way to have the fireplace blend in and not be overpowering is to use smaller oval or circular designs. This can give the illusion of a larger focal point fireplace. The oval can also lend to the curves of the room, giving you a more eye-drawing option that naturally flows with the room design. 

If you want to add a fireplace to your small space, contact your fireplace contractors. They can help you with different designs that will work for the space. They can also make adjustments to the options they have. This will give you the end product you want for your space. Keep in mind, there are multiple designs and you are not limited to a traditional model. 

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