3 Things To Ask A Wood Floor Refinishing Contractor

If your home's wood floors are looking run down and dull, hardwood floor refinishing can bring them back to their former glory. Wood floor refinishing sands off the top layer of finish and wood to uncover the beautiful wood underneath. Once a new coat of stain and finish are added, your wood floors will look brand new. Before tackling hardwood floor refinishing, finding the right contractor for the job is crucial. Here are three questions to ask a wood floor refinishing contractor before hiring them.

Do You Recommend Refinishing?

Deciding whether to refinish wood flooring can be more challenging than you expect. If your hardwood flooring isn't in the best condition, asking a wood floor refinishing contractor whether refinishing is a good option is the best place to start. You will want to look for a contractor who is honest about what they can do for your floors. While hardwood floors can be sanded up to a dozen times, a wood floor refinishing contractor will be the best judge of whether they can work with your home's floors.

How Much Will It Cost?

While hardwood floor refinishing is almost always cheaper than replacing your home's floors, that doesn't mean it will be cheap. When hiring a wood floor refinishing contractor asking for a breakdown of the costs is vital. The conditions of your wood floors, the size of the area you want to be refinished, and other factors will impact your bottom line. On average, hardwood refinishing costs $3 to $8 per square foot. However, your wood floor refinishing contractor can give you a more precise estimate for your home's floors. 

What Do I Need To Do?

Preparing your home for wood floor refinishing is essential, so you should ask your woof floor refinishing contractor what you need to do before the work begins. The more communication there is about preparing your home, the better. For example, you need to ask whether they will move furniture or if you need to do this work yourself. Also, make sure you get a breakdown of what services are included in their quote and which ones aren't. If you are having all of your floors refinished, your contractor may even recommend temporarily moving out of your home while the work is ongoing. 

If you are having your home's wood floors refinished, there are a few things to ask your wood floor refinishing contractor. First, you should ask them if refinishing is a good option for your wood floors. Second, you will want to know how much wood floor refinishing will cost. Finally, ask what you need to do before the refinishing work starts.

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