3 Times To Repair Your Washer Instead Of Replacing It

If your washer has stopped working or has developed a problem, then you might not be sure whether to have it repaired or replace it with a new model. When is a repair the best solution? 

1. Your Washer Is Fixable

If your washer has a serious problem, then you might not be able to repair it. Sometimes, appliances just die. You might not be able to easily repair older machines. If your washer is so old that its manufacturer no longer makes spare parts, then you might struggle to fix the problem.

Sometimes, you can fix the primary problem on an old washer but the machine still doesn't work well. You fix one problem but other problems come to light. Your washer might become more inefficient; it might not give you effective washing any longer.

However, you should still check if a repair is feasible even if your machine is elderly. An experienced appliance repair company can source replacement parts even if manufacturers have stopped making them. There's no reason not to repair a machine that can be fixed as long as you can get it back into good working order.

2. Your Repair Costs Are Lower Than a New Purchase

You should compare the costs of a repair with the costs of a new washer. This comparison can help you decide whether to fix your machine or dump it.

For example, if you can repair your washer and get it back into good working shape at a lower cost than a new purchase, then it makes sense to have the machine fixed. You don't need to buy a new appliance if you can repair your current one for less money.

3. You Want to Be Environmentally Responsible

You will eventually need a new washer. These appliances don't last forever. However, if you're concerned about environmental responsibility, then you should try to keep your current machine working for as long as possible.

If you dump a machine before the end of its working life, then you could cause some environmental harm for no reason. Some of the washer's parts, such as plastics, aren't easily recyclable. Your machine could contain chemicals that will harm the environment.

Plus, appliances have a manufacturing carbon footprint. Every time you buy a new one, you increase this footprint. If you can keep your machine working for longer, then you don't have these concerns.

Contact a local contractor to learn more about replacing parts for home appliances.

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