2 Advantages To Having Walnut Wood Countertops Installed In Your Kitchen

If the countertops in your kitchen are worn out or have an outdated design, you may have decided that it is time to have them replaced. While shopping around for new ones, you may have discovered that there are so many options to choose from, especially when it comes to materials.

While trying to decide between the various stones, woods, and other materials countertops can be made from, you may want to pause while looking at walnut wood countertops. There are a couple of advantages to having this beautiful wood installed for your kitchen countertops. 

1. Allows You to Chop Food Directly on the Counter Without the Need for a Cutting Board

One advantage of having walnut wood installed for your kitchen counters is that you can chop food directly on the surface. This eliminates the need to go searching for your cutting board every time you want to cut up some vegetables or meat.

Since walnut is a hard, dense wood, it is able to withstand the blade of the knife when properly sealed, which makes it resistant to cuts on the surface. The high density also makes the material nonporous, so you do not have to worry about chicken blood or other meat juices leaving behind food-poison-causing bacteria. 

2. Requires Very Little Maintenance to Keep Them Functional and Looking Beautiful

Another advantage to using walnut for your countertops is that the wood requires very little maintenance. As long as the wood is properly sealed when installed, there are only a couple of simple things that you need to do to maintain it.

One thing that you need to do you will do is clean the counters' surfaces with a gentle cleanser. The other thing that is required to maintain the walnut wood is to treat it with mineral oil a few times a year. The oil helps the wood preserve its natural oils, which prevents cracks and splitting from drying out.

When it comes time to replace your kitchen countertops, consider installing wooden ones made from walnut. The surface requires only regular cleaning and occasional treatment with mineral oil. You can also enjoy the convenience of chopping up food without having to search for a cutting board. If you are interested in learning more about their advantages or would like to know more about available options, speak with a contractor in your area who installs walnut wood countertops.

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