Termite Control At The Onset Of A Construction Project

A termiticide is a product that is often applied to property at the onset of a construction project. The application of a pesticide like this will prevent subterranean termites from infesting foundation materials, plumbing, and crawlspaces.

The Inspection Of Land

If you will be having a home constructed on undeveloped land, it is important to have the land inspected when the land-clearing project is complete. Subterranean termite species live underground. They seek shelter in inconspicuous areas but may make their way into a residence in the future. Subterranean termites often seek food and warmth.

If a home is being built upon land where termites are located, there is a high likelihood that a pest infestation can become an issue once a home is occupied. Once your contractor has cleared and graded your property, they will inspect the soil. The inspection will be indicative of whether the region where the construction will be taking place is prone to subterranean termite species.

Pest Control Strategies

A contractor may use several termite control methods to prevent infestations. They may use a spray to saturate the soil. The spray will contain chemicals that will deter termites. The efficacy of a termite spray will be dependent upon the composition of the soil. A spray will provide protection for a limited amount of time. For an increased cost, you can request that a reticulation system is installed. This type of system consists of a series of underground drip lines. A contractor will administer a pesticide through the drip lines at scheduled intervals.

If you are seeking a more cost-effective way to prevent termites from invading your home, your contractor may recommend the installation of bait stations and barrier products. Bait stations are designed to be inserted directly in the soil. Your contractor will add chemicals to the stations, which will ward off termites.

Barrier products consist of sprays that are designed to be applied to the surface level of the soil. Each product that your contractor features will be designed to control termites on a temporary basis. It is important that you understand the effectiveness of each product.

Your contractor will outline what types of products they feature before the construction of your home takes place. Many products that are used to control pests will not be visible to the eye. This essentially means that the pest control strategies that your contractor uses will not affect the aesthetical appeal of your property. 

For more information about termite control, contact a local company. 

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