Reclaimed Wood Adds Rustic Beauty To Your Home

If you want unique beauty in your home, talk to your contractor about using reclaimed wood for some of your renovation projects. Reclaimed wood can be expensive, so you may not want to side your entire house with it, but you might want this wood siding on one wall or part of a wall. Here's what you need to know about reclaimed wood.

The Wood Has A Unique History

This type of wood has been used before. It's often collected from old farmhouses, wood barrels, barns, and other places where the wood had a long life. Because it's used, the wood has a worn and interesting appearance. It also comes with a history that makes it fun to have in your home.

Reclaimed wood is usually old wood, and was used to build a home or barn when wild trees rather than farmed trees were still used. This makes the wood harder and stronger than the lumber used to build modern homes. Even though the wood is old, it still has decades of life left in it.

The Wood Has Many Uses

You can buy old wood to use in art projects to decorate your home. You can also buy larger quantities to use as flooring or wall paneling. A kitchen island or wet bar made from reclaimed wood could be an attractive feature for your home, especially if you have rustic or farmhouse decor and architecture.

You Or Your Contractor Can Select The Wood

Reclaimed wood is easy to find, and it's fun to search lumber shops for unique and beautiful old wood to use in your home. Your contractor can also source the wood, and if you'll use it for flooring or as a structure for your home, you may want a contractor to buy it so the wood is suitable for construction and is ready to use.

The old wood may need to be milled and kiln-dried before it can be used as flooring or on walls. Your contractor knows what to look for and can choose the right type of wood while giving you final approval on the wood's appearance.

If you've seen this type of wood used in other homes and you've decided you want a kitchen island, fireplace mantel, or cabinets made of reclaimed wood, let your contractor know as soon as you start planning your renovation. If you have your heart set on a specific species of old wood, it may take time to find it, and you don't want to hold your renovation up while you hunt for the right reclaimed wood to buy.

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