Ask Roof Contractors About These Services That Help Roofs Last Longer

Roof replacement is not cheap. If you can get a few extra years out of your current roof, you often should. But how do you go about extending the life of your current roof? You can start by talking to your roof contractor. There are a few relatively affordable services they typically offer that can help your current roof last longer.

All-Over Shingle Repair

Your roof may have a few shingles that are still in place and doing their job but are on the verge of cracking or falling off. You could have your roofer look over the whole roof, identify these shingles, and then repair them. They can put a little roof cement over the edges of lifted shingles. They can also pull and replace any roofing nails that have popped up. If a shingle is starting to bend, they may flatten it and use a dab of cement to hold it in place. These services can not only help those damaged shingles last longer, but can also protect the shingles next to them from damage.

Zinc Strips

One common cause of roof deterioration is moss and algae growth. These organisms can eat away at the substrate that forms the structural layers of the shingles, eventually causing them to crack and peel away. Once moss and algae start growing, they are tough to get rid of. It's easier to prevent them from growing on your roof in the first place. One way to accomplish that is with zinc strips. Your roofer can install the strips along the roof, near its peak. Zinc will rinse down the roof and make it a less appealing place for moss and algae to grow. 

More Vents

Have your roofer look at your roof and tell you whether it truly has enough vents. Lots of roofs built decades ago were not built with as many vents as are installed these days. Adding more vents can help keep your attic cooler. A cooler attic means less heat will pass through the roof, and less heat passing through the roof will mean less damage to the roof over time. It does not take much for a roofer to add a few new soffit vents under the eaves. The vents themselves are inexpensive, and installing them only takes a few hours, at most.

If you take action to protect your roof, it will last longer and serve you for more years. Contact roof contractors near you to learn more.

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