Beyond Cracks: Other Signs Your Foundation Needs Repair

When you hear the term "foundation repair," what is it that you imagine repair contractors are doing? People often imagine them filling or otherwise repairing cracks in foundation walls. Indeed, this is a big part of their job. However, cracks are not the only problem that foundations develop, and they are not the only sign that something is wrong with your foundation. Keep an eye out for these other signs, and contact a foundation repair team if you notice any of them. 

Uneven Floors

Do you feel like your floors are uneven or your home is on a slope? You might not be imagining things. Your floors very well could be sloping, even if they were not sloping a few years or months ago. Sloping floors are a sign that a foundation is shifting. One side of the foundation could be sinking further into the ground, while the other is remaining stable. Or, less often, sloping floors could mean that one side of your foundation is being pushed up and out of the ground.

A foundation repair expert can resolve either of these issues. If half the foundation is sinking, they can inject concrete to build up the soil under that part of the foundation. If the other side of the foundation is rising, then they can often excavate under the foundation so it settles down again.

Doors That Won't Close

Do the interior doors in your home close securely? If some of your doors do not close, it could be because of a bad door installation job. However, it could also be a sign that your foundation is settling. if the wall on one side of the door has settled a little or the wall and the wall on the other side has not, this could be why your doors won't close. A foundation repair team can even things out as described above.

New Dampness and Moisture

Has your basement been wetter than usual? Maybe the space feels humid and has a moldy odor. Or, perhaps there is actual water in a corner or along one wall. There is a possibility that there is a crack in your foundation that is hidden. Or, the foundation could be crumbling in an area and letting some water seep in. Foundation repair teams have special imaging equipment they can use to find the location of such problems and repair them.

Sometimes foundations become damaged and need repair. If you think yours may need repairs, contact a foundation repair company near you.

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